Smok Novo X-Uncovering the Best Selling Product in the Industry

The Smok Novo X is an ergonomically designed, sleek and beautiful vaporizer with a powerful 800 mahm built in battery and an output of 1.25 watts, perfect for the great mouth to lung vaporizing experience. The Smok Novo X utilizes two 2 ml 0.8-hm pods. The Smok Novo X also features a bright OLED screen, which makes this a super versatile Vaporizer and makes this a popular choice with vapers everywhere. This powerful vaporizer allows you to get a powerful, flavorful hit from the convenience of your home.

The Smok Novo X utilizes two separate pods which are placed on either side of the power button. Once powered up, the two separate pods can be removed and the fire button clicked to activate the heating element. The Smok Novo X provides an easy method for vaporizing your favorite desktop or microwaveable items.

novo x

The Smok Novo X has a similar safety feature to that of the original cobra. If there ever comes a time where the batteries need to be changed, the manufacturer assures you that it will be simple to do and there will be no risk involved. It’s smart to think of your safety, when there are no wires or cords to connect, and there is no need to constantly replace batteries. The two pronged design of the nova x helps keep the air you breathe free from sulfur and nicotine which cause nasty throat burns and can make the worst conditions in hospitals, a lot worse.

When talking about build quality, the manufacturers were careful not to compromise the user friendliness of the product. The external build quality is nothing short of excellent, and the battery section is very robust and durable. The micro USB port is designed with the intention of being used with multiple devices at once and provides power to all your electronic devices at once. You can plug in your digital camera, PlayStation, laptop and many other items with ease.

The novo x has been designed to meet the exacting standards and regulations of the latest and greatest electronic devices such as the iPhone and iPod, as well as being compatible with older phones and mp3 players. The convenience of the quick and simple charger coupled with the power and versatility of the Smok Pod System make these products absolutely ideal for anyone who needs portable power. The e-liquid is also extremely easy to use and recharge. When charging the e-liquid, you just put the pod in the built in recharge socket and plug the power cord into an outlet on your wall.

There are many consumer reviews online that are glowing in approval of the noVo X and the interchangeable pods. Many people have described the sensation as similar to holding a small laptop in your hand which, in turn, gives the added benefit of allowing you to carry things like chargers and other electronic devices. If you are interested in owning one of these innovative, little electronic devices then it would be wise to do some research into how much it would cost to purchase all the components in the noVo X package. At over $400, it is a true value for money and well worth considering if you are considering buying an all in one device to power all your devices with electricity.

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