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Africadabra Cattery is dedicated to breeding healthy, well socialized kittens. We Socialize our kittens by integrating them into our household and activities. When they leave our home they will be litter box trained and ready to join your household!

Prices are based on Breed, High percentile, sex, and confirmation. Prices does not include shipping! We will ship from Sacramento Airport (SAC) to any major airport in the U.S. Shipping costs are the responsibility of the buyer. These include: the vet check Health Certificate, Carrier, transport to airport, and airline shipping fee with insurance.
Africadabra Cattery
P.O. Box 136
Shingletown, CA 96088
Africadabra cattery is a TICA registered cattery. We raise a few litters of quality Bengals, Chausie, Savannahs kittens each year. We are a small in-home cattery in the "outback" of Northern California. Africadabra wishes to expose people to the unique experience of owning a "little piece ot the jungle", by introducing intelligent and loving hybrid breeds at reasonable prices.
Sheryl Swanson
Telephone: 530-474-1344
Africadabra Cattery is dedicated to breeding healthy, well socialized kittens.
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